May 15, 2018

Admission Requirements for the B.Sc. Hons Plant Science

UTME Admissions

  1. Candidates intending to major in Plant Science must have passed the under listed ordinary level subjects at Credit level in SSCE, NECO or GCE O/L at one or two sittings: English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Geography.
  2. The minimum U.T.M.E. score for admission into the Department shall be determined by the Admissions Committee.
  3. Based upon the recommendation by the Pre-Degree Science Board, a pre-degree student who scores not less than 50 percent in each of the three subjects taken and is recommended for admission by Pre-Degree Science Board may be considered for admission into 100 level Plant Science provided such candidates fulfilled the stipulated requirements in (i) above.

Direct Entry Admission

The following categories of candidates shall be considered for admission into 200 level class of the degree programme, provided they also meet the requirements stipulated in (i) above.

(i).        Holders of Ordinary National Diploma; National Diploma or Higher National Diploma (HND Pass/lower Credit) in any of the following areas of studies: Science Laboratory Technology, Nutrition, Food technology/Science, Agricultural Science or other allied courses.

(ii).       Holders of intermediates Diploma of Olabisi Onabanjo University with at least lower credit in Science Laboratory in related fields.

(iii).      Holders of National Certificate of Education (NCE) with Merit/Credits in Biology and in any one of the following subjects; Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Geography.

(iv).      Foreign Nationals or Nigerian who hold the General Certificate of Education GCE A/L London, the Baccalaureate from a Francophone countries with principal grade in two subjects one of which must be Biology, while the other one could be from Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Geography.


Only students of the Faculties of Basic Medical Science, Education (Biology Education), Pharmacy and Medicine, with a cumulative grade point aggregate (CGPA) of not less than 1.50 and above, and TNUP of not less than 10 at the end of 100 level shall have to offer any outstanding 100 level courses required course for Plant Science Degree.


Students from Science-based Faculties and Colleges of other Senate organized Universities with CGPA of not less than 1.00 may be considered for transfer to 200 levels.  In addition, such candidates must satisfy the matriculation requirements of the University.


The mode of study shall be full-time. The duration of study shall be eight or six semesters for candidates admitted into 100 and 200 levels respectively.


To be eligible for single honours degree in Plant Science, students must

  • Pass the following GNS courses: GNS 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 201, 202, 203, 204, 301, 302.
  • Obtain 103 units from 100 to 400 level courses including the above GNS courses.
  • Candidates from direct entry must pass in 82 units from 200 to 400 levels. Out of these, a minimum of 40 units must be from 300 and 400 level Plant Science courses.
  • All graduating Plant Science students must pass all Compulsory Courses at 40% level. However, candidate with a score of 30% in a required course may not repeat the course.
  • Any Candidate that scores below CGPA of 1.0 in two consecutive semesters or pass less than 10 units at the end of the first session or 20.0 units at the end of the second session will be advised to withdraw from the University.


The Department operates on a unit system. All students are required to select from the list of Senate-approved courses and must registered for not more than 24 units and not less than 10 units (inclusive of GNS courses) in each semester. However on application by the student, the head of Department can approve an additional 1 unit or the Dean additional 3 units in deserving cases.


(A)       To qualify for a University examination, a student must satisfy the 70% attendance at lecture as stipulated by Senate.

(B)       Examination shall be conducted as prescribed by the Senate.  Courses shall be examined at the end of the semesters in which they are taught.

(C)       Each course shall normally be examined by both theory and practical papers.

(D)       Continuous assessment shall carry not more than 30% of the overall score for each course.


The grading system as approved by Senate is as follows:

70 – 100 A 5
60 – 69 B 4
50 – 59 C 3
45 – 49 D 2
40 – 44 E 1
0 – 39 F 0



This is derived by multiplying the number of units per course concerned by the grade point scored.  The products of the different courses are summed up and divided by the total number of units taken by the individual student.  Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated by adding the previous and current GPA together. The sum is then divided by the total number of units taken by the student.


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