May 15, 2018


The Department offers courses which will enable students acquire modern basic, applied and industrial knowledge of the animal kingdom, and of the interrelationships between them and their environment.  Courses are available in applied and professional areas of Zoology.  Graduates of the Programme are trained to understand and intelligently participate in global perspectives on our Biosphere and Biota.  The pattern of the training is as follows

During the first year the candidates are trained in the general sciences, general knowledge (GNS), General Biology and Introductory Zoology.  In the second year they are trained on what animals are their diversity and the interrelationships among them.  The first half of the third year exposes candidates to how animals work.  The knowledge gained up to then, is employed during the second half of the third year when the candidates go on a six month industrial training.  On return to campus for the forth (final) year, the candidates are exposed to applied and production courses in Zoology.  Thus, with a sound basic and theoretical training at 100-200 levels and functional training and field experience at 300 level, the candidates are prepared for a career training in the areas of Applied Zoology at 400 level.

Department Of Applied Zoology
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