May 15, 2018

Philosophy and Objectives of the Programme

The Department of Geography and Regional Planning offers courses leading to the award of B.Sc. degree in Geography and Regional Planning (science). The programme is designed essentially for students who have bias towards science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Earth Science rather than Social and Management Sciences.

Under the programme, courses are designed to enable science based students to benefit from geographic and planning studies, so as to:

  1. Enable these students have a clear understanding of the processes operating within the physical environments of mankind.
  2. Prepare them for career specialization in the key physical components of Geography such as Geomorphology, Climatology, Hydrology, Bio-Geography, Soil Studies, Cartography and Remote Sensing etc.
  3. Expose students to both theoretical and practical aspects of urban and regional planning which will enhance their effective participation in regional and national development programmes;
  4. Prepare students for research at postgraduate level by exposing them to contemporary quantitative and laboratory techniques for scientific investigation.

 The department places much emphasis on scientific and quantitative approach to spatial analysis of phenomenon, practical work involving field and laboratory techniques.  Students under this programme can ‘specialize’ in any one or combination of these areas viz;

  1. Climatology
  2. Geomorphology and Hydrology
  3. Biogeography and Soil Studies.
  4. Cartography and Remote Sensing

   Compulsory and Required courses are common to all students while Elective courses reflect areas of emphasis or specialization of students, especially at 300 and 400 levels. Students are advised to consult the Head of Department in respect of these elective courses.

Department of Geography and Regional Planning
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