May 15, 2018

Regulation Governing First Degree in the Department

  1. Programme of Courses shall be provided leading to the award of Bachelor’s Degree denoted as: Sc. Pure Chemistry and B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  2. Each of the degree shall be awarded with Honours or Pass depending on a student’s academic performance.
  3. The Programme shall normally extend over a minimum period of 4 (four) academic years. But student admitted through Direct Entry by G.C.E. A/L or approved equivalent will spend a minimum period of 3 academic years.
  4. Instructions in the department shall be by courses that are quantified into Credit Units.
  5. (i) One Unit shall be a series of 15 one-hour lectures or tutorials or two hours of seminar or three hours of laboratory work.
  6. A session consists of 2 semesters, each of 15 week of lectures.
  7. A long vacation course for Industrial Students – a 12-week period 

Undergraduate Courses at all level shall be numbered as follows

100 Level Courses shall start with 1

200 Level Courses shall start with 2

300 Level Courses shall start with 3

400 Level Courses shall start with 4

  • Students admitted through U.M.E. or Pre-degree Programme shall normally start with 100 level courses while those admitted with G.C.E. ‘A’ level or approved equivalent shall start with 200 level courses.
  • Courses in the department are assigned 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Credit Units.
  • A student shall take courses prescribed for his degree programme as approved by Senate of the University.
Department Of Chemical Sciences
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