May 16, 2018

Level of Performance

A candidate shall be recorded ass having attained in a course a level of                achievement awarded grade points as follows:

GRADE                                     POINTS                             MARKS

              A                                                     5                                     70&Above

              B                                                     4                                      60 – 69

              C                                                     3                                      50 – 59

              D                                                     2                                      45 – 49

              E                                                      1                                      40 – 44

              F                                                      0                                       0 – 39

(ii)    The overall performance of each candidate during an entire session shall be  determined by means of a cumulative grade point average (CPGA). The grade point average (GPA) is the total number of credits (TCP) divided by the total number of units (TNU) for all courses taken during a particular semester. The TCP is the sum of the product of the respective units of the unit(s) of the equivalent grade point.

Department of Physics
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