May 16, 2018


The objectives of the undergraduate curriculum in Physics and its Applied Physics programmes at Olabisi Onabanjo University are:

  • To provide a solid background in Classical and Modern Physics for students with career objectives in Pure Physics, Research, Electronics, Materials Science, Computer Science, Geophysics, Medicine, diverse fields of application of Nuclear Energy, Secondary School Science Teaching, etc.
  • To provide balanced training in the fields of electronics and Geophysics which are considered most relevant to human and material development in Nigeria.
  • To provide skilled scientists capable of applying their knowledge to solve national problems in their respective field of interest.
  • To inculcate broad specific discipline and in undergraduate students (independent work, resourcefulness, honesty, broad scientific outlook and team-work in scientific research)
  • To ensure a high level of competence of our graduates and also increase their flexibility in fitting into diverse careers including research and development, industry and education.
  • To develop a research culture in the department in consonance with current trends in industry and research that are having direct relevance to the peculiar needs of Ogun State in particular and Nigeria in general.
  • To provide a solid academic base for the pursuit of higher degree (M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D.)
  • To identify the limitations of our students and to make a real effort to provide compensating corrective measures. 

    The programmes of study in the Department are:

    1. Pure Physics
    2. Applied Physics 

The Applied Physics programme consists of

  • Physics with Electronics
  • Geophysics


Finally, the Department is committed to creating an interactive scholarly unit in which a diversity of ideas, student’s experience, individual backgrounds, and perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.



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