May 24, 2018

Dr. Temitope Ayodeji Laniyan


Department:            Earth Sciences

College/Faculty: Science

Nationality: Nigerian

Marital Status: Married

Total years of Teaching and Research. 11

Beginning Ending Years

Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) Sept. 2000 June, 2006 6
Oyo State:
Polytechnic/College of Education: Nil.
University: May, 2006 Till Date 11



Academic Qualifications / Institution attended (with dates)

University of Ibadan. Ibadan, Nigeria

(i) Ph.D Geology November 2002 to September 2012

(ii) M.Sc Geology November 1996 to July 1999

(iii) B.Sc Geology November 1988 to September 1992


i. Previous Work Experience outside the University system.

Post: Graduate teacher:

I. Anglican Grammar School, Molete Ibadan, Oyo State. (September 2000 to October 2005).
II. Ibadan Grammar School, Molete Ibadan, Oyo State. (October 2005 to June 2006).

Other Functions
Students Counselor
Literary and Debating Teacher

Post: Administrative Officer;

Abayomi Nursery and Primary School, Odo – Oba, Ibadan, Oyo State (January 1997 to December 1998).
Other Functions
Intermediary between the Management and Parents;
Schools representative in all official functions;
Management of all schools documents;
Intermediary between management and staffs

Post: Consultant Geologist;

Lawbell consultancy Company, Osun state (August 1996 to December 1998).
Other Functions
Chief Field Consultant

Post: National Youth Service Corps and as a Petroleum Geologist;

The Shell Petroleum Company (West), Warri, in Delta State (November 3, 1992 to November 4, 1993).

Post: A Contract Staff as a Petroleum Geologist;
The Shell Petroleum Company (West), Warri, in Delta State (November 4, 1993 to April 20, 1994).

ii. Administrative functions and Contribution to the University.

a. Departmental Examination Officer. 2006 – 2008.
b. Departmental Welfare Coordinator. 2008 Till Date.
c. Member Budget Committee. 2009 Till Date.
d. Degree Foundation Program. 2009 To 2012
e. 100 Level Coordinator 2013 Till Date
f. Time-Table Officer / Seminar coordinator 2013 to 2014
g. Member, Departmental NUC accreditation committee 2015 Till Date
h. Chairman, Faculty for Committee Special Duties 2016 Till Date
i. Departmental Coordinator,SIWES 2016 Till Date
j. Member, Faculty LOC for SAN 2016 Till Date
k. Subdean, Faculty of Science 2017 Till Date


(a) Member, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (c-06-3019)
(b) Member, Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologist (CH-2008-00598)
(c) Member, Science Association of Nigeria
(d) Member, Nigeria Network for Awareness and Action for Environmental Health
(e) Member, Society of Economic Geologists, INC (SEG) ID: 905577
(f) Member, The Geological Society of America ID:9169642
(g) Member, Geochemical Society ID: 189858


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Chapter in Book already published

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vii. Published Conference Proceedings

31. OlatunjiA. S. and Laniyan, T. A. (2014). Geochemical evaluation of the effects of dusts from limestone and aggregate mining and processing in Nigeria. Proceedings of the Closing Workshop of the IGCP/SIDA Projects 594 and 606, Prague, Czech Republic, May 26—28, 2014. Addressing Environmental and Health Impacts of active and abandoned mines in Sub-Saharan African.Closing workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014, © Czech Geological Survey.IGCP/SIDA Projects 594 and 606.pp 159 – 161.

Within the University:
i. Making a difference by action and example while showing a good example to students by being upright in morals and character.

ii. Exhibiting a strong responsibility through my everyday research work, and also initiating and implementing institutional change where gaps are visible and acknowledged.

iii. Help students to reach their full potential through mentoring in the field of study, thereby helping them develop intelligent and inquiring minds, becoming critical thinkers, being a strong reflective and principled people.

Outside the University:
i. A woman leader that controlswomen from different ethnic groups for close to ten years now at theChrist life Church, (Sword of the spirit ministries) .

ii. Co-ordinator of pre-teens, teens, and youth in closed and large groups, through mentoring.

iii. A marriage adviser and counsellor in both church and secular levels.

Staff of Department of Earth Science
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