Dr. Atewolara-Odule, Odunayo Christy (Nee Ogunleye)


Department: Chemical Sciences

Faculty: Science

Nationality: Nigerian

Marital Status: Married

Number of children/age: Two, 10 and 7 years

Name and Address of Spouse: Atewolara-Odule, Odukunle A.5,Tireyin Lane, Oru-Ijebu,

Name and Address of Next of Kin: Same as above

Date of First Appointment with the University: 8th May, 2006

Status of First Appointment and Salary: Assistant Lecturer/ UASS 2/1

Present Position and Salary: Lecturer 11 / UASS 3/8.

Date of Last Promotion/Regrading: 13th October, 2013

Date of Confirmation of Appointment: 24th February, 2015

If not Confirmed, Why? Not Applicable

Period of Present Contract: Not Applicable

Total Number of Years of Teaching and Research: Twelve Years (2006 till date).

E-mail Address: atewolara-odule.odunayo@oouagoiwoye.edu.ng


1. Academic Qualifications/Institutions Attended with Date
(a) Ph.D in Organic Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria 2017
(b) M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 2003
(c) B.Sc. (Chemistry), Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo
University), Ago-Iwoye. 2000
(d) N.C.E. (Math/Chem.), Tai Solarin College of Education, Ijebu-Ode. 1997
(e) Diploma in Data Processing, December, Glory Computer, Bosso, Minna. 2000

2. Current Higher Degree Programme Registered for: Not Applicable

3. Awards and Distinctions:
i) Commendation: The International School, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. (2006).
ii) 2014 Tertiary Education Trust Fund- Academic Staff Training and Development- Sponsorship of Bench-
work for Ph.D. (Research) at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

1. Previous Work Experience Outside The University System:

a. The International School, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. – 2005-2006
b. Govt. Day Sec. School, Maikunkele-Minna, Niger State (NYSC). – 2000-2001
c. St. Anthony’s Grammar School, Ijebu-Imushin (Teaching Practice). – 1996
d. Itamerin Comprehensive High School, Oru-Ijebu (Teaching Practice). – 1996

2. Details of Professional Experience at Olabisi Onabanjo University:
(i) Teaching Functions:
(a) Courses Taught: I have been involved in the teaching of the following courses.

CHM 102 General Chemistry II
CHM 211 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 311 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 313 Natural product Chemistry 1
CHM 317 Applied Spectroscopy
CHM 332 Petrochemistry
CHM366 Petrochemicals
CHM 411 Principles of Organic Synthesis
CHM 413 Natural product Chemistry 11
CHM 491 Seminar
CHM 412 Heterocyclic Chemistry
CHM 499 Project

(ii) Administrative Functions and Contributions to the University:
(1) Computation of Results: 100 level 2004/05.
(2) Course Adviser: 200 level 2005/2006.
(3) Computation of Results: 200 level 2005/2006.
(4) Member: Departmental Examination Committee 2006-2010.
(5) Registration Officer: 200 Level 2006 to 2008.
300 level 2009/2010
(6) Course Adviser: 400 level 2007/2008
(7) Departmental Examination Officer 2010/2011 till 2014
(8) Course Adviser/ Result Processing officer 400 level 2015- till date

(iii) Contribution to the Nation: (a) National Youth Service Corps, 2000/2001
(iv) Research (On-going):
(a) Isolation of Secondary Metabolites from some Nigerian Medicinal Plant,
Particularly the LORATHANCEAE.
(b) Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Investigation of Tapinanthus bangwensis.
(c) Isolation of Chemical Constituents of Essential Oil from some Nigerian Plants.
(d) Isolation, purification and Characterization of isolate that will be lead compounds in drug

1. Member: Chemical Society of Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter.
2. Member: Science Association of Nigeria (SAN).

(i) Thesis/Dissertations:
1. O.C. Atewolara-Odule, “Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Phragmanthera incana (Schum) Balle AND Tapinanthus bangwensis (Engl. and Krause) Danser growing on Cola acuminata Schott and Endl” Ph.D. Thesis Submitted to the Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, 2017.
2. O. C. Ogunleye (Miss), “Phytochemical Investigation and Bioactivity Studies of Tapinanthus bangwensis Stem and Leaves” M.Phil/Ph.D. Thesis Submitted to the Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, 2010.
3. O. C. Ogunleye (Miss), “Approaches to the Study of Antioxidant Principle And Biological Activity of Cnesti ferruginea, Radix.” M.Sc. Thesis Submitted to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ibadan, 2003.
4. O. C. Ogunleye (Miss), The Cytotoxicity Study of Tetracera potatoria And Methyl Angolensate using Naupili of Artemia Salina Specie.” B.Sc. Research Project Submitted to the Department of Chemical Sciences, Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, 1999.

(ii) Unpublished Conference Paper:

Oke, J. M., O. C. Ogunleye and Ola-Davies: “Anticancer activity of the Flavonoid Extract of Cnestis ferruginea.” West African Society for Pharmacology xxxth Regional Scientific Conference, University of Ibadan, 2003.

(iii) Paper Published:

1. *D. O. Moronkola; O. C. Atewolara-Odule and O. O. Olubomehin (2009). “Compositions and Comparison of the Leaf and Stem Essential Oils from Nigerian Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Rosea’ P. Beau [ACANTHACEAE].” African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 3(9): 458-462 (USA).
2. *O. C. Atewolara-Odule and O. O Aiyelaagbe (2013). Antimicrobial Properties and Phytochemical Studies of Extracts of Phragmanthera incana (Schum) Balle [Loranthaceae] Grown in Nigeria. International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment vol.3: (203-207) (India).
3. *P. E. Aikpokpodion; T. Osobamiro; O. C. Atewolara-Odule; O. O. Oduwole and S. M. Ademola (2013). Studies on adsorption mechanism and Kinetics of Magnesium in selected cocoa growing soils in Nigeria, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 5(6): 128-139 (USA)
4. *P. E. Aikpokpodion; O. C. Atewolara-Odule; T. Osobamiro; O. O. Oduwole and S. M. Ademola (2013). A survey of Copper, Lead, Cadmium and Zinc residues in cocoa beans obtained from selected plantation in Nigeria, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 5(6): 88-98 (USA).
5. *T. M. Osobamiro and O. C. Atewolara-Odule (2015). Determination of physicochemical parameters and levels of some heavy metals in industrial waste water. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 6(7): 1910-1918 (France).
6. *K. N., Awokoya, O. J., Owoade, B. A., Moronkola, B. K., Oguntade, A. A., Ibikunle, O. C., Atewolara-Odule and S. A, Ogundare (2016). Morphological Characteristics of Cassava Peel and Its Effect on the Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Media. Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology 3(8): 5342-5348 (Turkey).
7. O. O. Olubomehin, O. O. Adeyemi, O. C. Atewolara-Odule, J. S., Ashidi and A. M, Hashimi. (2016). Screening of different crude extracts of the leaves of Momordica charantia Linn and Blighia sapida Koenig for possible alpha-amylase inhibitory potential. African Journal of Science and Nature 2: 48-52 (Nigeria).
8. *Atewolara-Odule, O.C. and Oladosu, I.A (2016). Comparison of chemical compositions of essential oils from the fresh and dried leaves of Tapinanthus bangwensis (Engl. and K. Krause) Danser [Loranthaceae. American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products 4(3): 31-33 (India).

* International paper

1. Atewolara-Odule, O. C., Aiyelaagbe, O. O. and Ashidi, J. S. Biological and phytochemical investigation of extracts of tapinanthus bangwensis (Engl. and K. Krause) Danser [Loranthaceae] grown in Nigeria. African Journal of Science and Nature.

1. 14th Annual Research Symposium: Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown. 31 October-2 November 2014.
2. 1st International Conference of Faculty of Science. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State May 2017.
3. Faculty of Science University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 3rd International Conference on Scientific Research in Nigeria. 16th- 19th May, 2017.

1. Within the University Same as C2 (ii).
2. Outside the University
(a) Member – Educational Committee, Oru Peoples Day 2009-2012.
(b) Member – Finance Committee of Ibukun Oluwa C.T.C.S
Ltd., Oru-Ijebu, 2006 till date.
(c) Member – Mothers’ Union: Anglican Communion, Nigeria.
(d) Coordinator – Children’s Department, St. Lukes’ Anglican
Church, Oru-Ijebu, 1997 till date.
(e) Secretary – Youth Harvest Committee, St. Lukes’ Anglican
Church, Oru-Ijebu, 2009.
(f ) Chairperson – Syllabus Committee for Directorate of Sunday
School (Children), Ijebu North Diocese Anglican Communion, Nigeria.