May 15, 2018

Philosophy and Objectives


The courses in the Department of chemical Sciences are designed to lead to two degree options over four year period.  The degree options are B.Sc. (Chemical Sciences) with specialization in:

  • Either Pure Chemistry and or Industrial Chemistry.

For the two degree options, common first year courses are proposed. It is required that students intending to offer either of the two options shall pass each of the three 100 –level Chemistry courses available.

For the other three years, there are core-courses which are required to be offered by all students in addition to which there are courses which veer students towards one option or the other.  In this way, the students’ offering the Industrial Chemistry option are expected to have a sound basic knowledge of chemistry upon which to base their industrial practice.  The Departmental programme has therefore been designed so as to train sound, industrially and research-oriented graduates for our chemical and related manufacturing industries.

The department fully embraces capacity building programme that would produce graduates who can be self-employed and eventually generate employment for others.

Department Of Chemical Sciences
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