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Home Department of Chemical Sciences Dr. Sanyaolu Nurudeen Olanrewaju

Dr. Sanyaolu Nurudeen Olanrewaju

Lecturer II  (234) 8034258406


I have spent 18 years of my life both as a student’s instructor and researcher. I hold a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry, an M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Post Graduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E). As an Industrial Chemist with specialities in the development of nanomaterials for catalysis, my recent activities involved the development of nanomaterials from agricultural wastes to remediate the environment of hazards and also to convert waste to wealth. As a researcher, I have authored and co-authored over 10 publications spanning across local and internationaI journal outfits. Being an accomplished student’s instructor par excellence, I have imbibed students from both private and public sectors with the rudiments of chemistry and they have excelled in their various chosen fields such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Teaching etc. I am a registered member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) and Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). Sanyaolu, Nurudeen Olanrewaju is a well-disciplined young man, an excellent team player and a goal-getter.


Course(s) Taught

  • CHM 104 Experimental Chemistry
  • CHM 332 Petrochemistry
  • CHM 335 Polymer Chemistry
  • CHM 337 High Temp. Operation
  • CHM 361 Petrochemicals
  • CHM 432 Case Study
  • CHM 433 Unit Operation II
  • CHM 434 Polymer Chemistry II
  • CHM 499 Project
  • CHM 812 Fiber and Textile Chemistry
  • CHM 814 Synthetic Polymers
  • CHM 826 Oil Refinery
  • CHM 899 Project



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