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Courses And Course Status

What are compulsory, required and elective courses?

A course shall be classified either as “Compulsory” (C) or “Required” (R) or “Elective” (E) in a given degree programme.

  • Compulsory Courses – They are courses which must be offered and passed at 45% grade.
  • Required Courses – They are courses which must be registered for under the advice of the Department and must be passed at not less than 40% level.
  • Elective Courses – They are courses which may be taken by a student to make up the minimum number of units for graduation that must be passed.
  • Pre-requisite – A course whose knowledge is essential prior to taking a higher course. It must be taken and passed. However, a mark of 40% will be accepted as meeting the required condition for registering the higher course.
  • Concurrent: Specified courses at the same level, which must be taken within the same semester or academic year.

Courses and their Prerequisites


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