May 15, 2018

Industrial Visits and Attachments

An important highlight of the industrial chemistry option is the proposal to have a six month period of industrial attachment, labeled CHM 392 starting from the beginning of the 2nd Semester of the third year and lasting till the end of the long vacation at the end of third year.

Being an industrially oriented course, a strong liaison service is required between the Department and the Industries. In addition to the six month attachment, short, usually day-return visits will be incorporated within the semester runs.    The industrial visits may be weighted into the semester assessments. Members of academic staff to boost attachee’s morals and to ensure that attachees are behaving satisfactorily will strictly monitor the periods of attachment. The objectives of these visits and the attachments are as follows:

  • To bring the industries (the labour market) and the students into close contact.
  • To solicit a preview of job opportunities for prospective graduates.
  • To have a preview of job opportunities for prospective graduates

The proposal to have one six month’s period of industrial attachment instead of two or 3 months each is justified by the following advantages.

  • The demand for student’s placement is generally less since other competitors will normally be in their places of study in the classrooms, hence students can be relatively more easily fixed up.
  • Longer Training period at a stretch is more effective and beneficial to both the employer and the student.
  • The Department will only have to bother itself with placement of one class at a time.
  • The students are sufficiently more academically prepared and proficient to benefit from the industrial training than it could possible be if two or more shorter attachments are planned.
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