May 15, 2018


The objectives for setting up the Department of Plant Science and Applied Zoology are thus:

  1. The courses are designed essentially to provide a thorough basic and pure zoological knowledge on which practical applications and industrial training are based. The graduates are also trained for job opportunities in the industries, agricultural and veterinary establishments, national history museums zoological gardens and teaching in the secondary and tertiary educational institution.
  2. To provide a broad-based academic training upon which graduates of the programme can build to pursue degrees of M.Sc., M.Phil. /Ph.D. in any area of Applied Zoology.
  3. The practical training both in the laboratory and the field prepares the students for self employment and self reliance in the applied areas of the programme such as hydrobiology, Fisheries, and aquaculture, Entomology /Apiculture, Parasitology, Wildlife domestication and production .Animal Cytyogenetics and breeding,  Ethnozoology and Pest control
Department Of Applied Zoology
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