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Mission and Vision

Our Objectives

The objectives for setting up the Department are:

      • To produce qualified teachers of the three components of Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science) at both secondary and tertiary levels. This will reduce or eliminate the use of graduates from non-mathematical disciplines in teaching Mathematics, Statistics and Computer science.
      • To produce competent Statisticians, Industrial Mathematicians and Computer Scientists to work in government, industry, research institutes and non-governmental organizations.
      • To service other departments in the teaching of mathematics, statistics and computer science.
      • To engage in research in the field of mathematical sciences in other to;

        –     Advance the frontiers of knowledge in the disciplines.

        –     Improve on the effectiveness knowledge and skills of the products of the system.

      • To render consultancy services in relevant areas to the University, Government and Private Sector. The vision and mission of the department is to adopt a broad strategy of human resource development that encompasses educational, technological, cultural, social, political and spiritual development such that our graduates will be sufficiently equipped to make valuable contributions to national development towards the attainment of the Vision 20:2020 of Nigeria and the Millennium Development Goals as set by the global community. The Department intends to nurture graduates, who by leveraging on their sound foundational training and skills in the mathematical sciences would become globally relevant in the industrial and academic domains, and eventually emerging as future leaders in the fields of Computing, Mathematics, Statistics and Information and Communication Technology, both in Nigeria and the global community. The department is committed to producing highly creative and innovative graduates that are competent enough to be self-employed in the field of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and its allied disciplines, or in the least be immediately employable.


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