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Courses And Course Status

What are compulsory, required and elective courses?

Unless otherwise exempted by the Senate, a candidate for a first degree must, before the final session or at any other specified or approved timeby the Senate, attend courses of instruction and pass the General Studies Courses (GNS courses). He/she must, in addition, complete all compulsory courses in Physics and in the Faculty as specified in the program, including Required courses and where applicable complete all the necessary elective courses.

  1. Compulsory (C) – courses specified by a Department, Faculty or the University, which a student must take and pass.
  2. Required (R) – courses specified by a Department which a student must take and pass a minimum of 30%. However, it is necessary to pass some above 40% to be able to meet the minimum number of units to pass in Physics for the award of a degree. The Department shall always guide the students through their Advisors.
  3. Elective (E)– Courses specified by a Department from which a student can take in order to make up the required additional units for the award of the degree.
  4. Pre-requisite– A Course whose knowledge is essential and should be passed prior to taking another specified course.

Courses and their Prerequisites


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